Processors are responsible for processing static files: rewriting the content and optionally changing the name.

StaticfilesPlus ships with a couple of default processors:

Writing your own processor

The processor API is very simple. For example, here is how you might write a processor to handle CoffeeScript files:

from subprocess import check_call
from staticfilesplus.processors import BaseProcessor

class CoffeeScriptProcessor(BaseProcessor):
    original_suffix = '.coffee'
    processed_suffix = '.js'

    def process_file(self, input_path, output_path):
        with open(input_path, 'rb') as infile:
            with open(output_path, 'wb') as outfile:
                check_call(['coffee', '--stdio'], stdin=infile, stdout=outfile)

Processor API

A valid processor is class that implements the following set of methods.

First, we have a pair of methods which are given filenames and determine which files the processor will operate on:


Takes a processed filename and returns the original filename (which may be the same if the processor doesn’t alter filenames) or None if the processor doesn’t handle this type of file.

For example, the LESSProcessor matches any string with a .css extension and returns it with a .less extension. The JavaScriptProcessor matches any string with a .js extension and returns it unchanged.


The reverse of the above method. Takes the original filename and returns the file name after processing (which can be the same) or None if the processor doesn’t handle this type of file.

Then we have the method which does the actual processing of the file:

process_file(input_path, output_path):

Takes the file given by input_path, processes it and writes it to output_path.

Finally, we have:


Takes a filename (before processing) and returns a Boolean. If it returns True the file will be ignored by contrib.staticfiles as if it did not exist.

To activate your processor, add its dotted path to STATICFILESPLUS_PROCESSORS in


A convenient base class is provided in staticfilesplus.processors.BaseProcessor

class BaseProcessor(object):
    original_suffix = None
    processed_suffix = None

    def get_original_name(self, name):
        if name.endswith(self.processed_suffix):
            return name[:-len(self.processed_suffix)] + self.original_suffix

    def get_processed_name(self, name):
        if name.endswith(self.original_suffix):
            return name[:-len(self.original_suffix)] + self.processed_suffix

    def is_ignored_file(self, path):
        return False

    def process_file(self, input_path, output_path):
        raise NotImplementedError()
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